What is unique and private in Aadhar card bar code.

When we apply for the aadhar card with our information name, date of birth, father name and address , your finger print and retina of eyes also scanned over their .4101_Center_Left_Sla_7CE640

It will be print as a bar code on the aadhar card  so that person can be identify that , the person who is holding the aadhar card is the exact that person or not.

eye scan

Just because we can change the photo which is stamp on the aadhar card but the retina code and finger print is always different to the person by person. images

Finger print is taken or all the fingers of the hand by biometric finger print a
nd as the same for  retina scanner we use  bio enable iris scanner. Their is not any side effects of these tools if we go for these one.

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