Link aadhaar with PAN – Link your aadhaar card with pan card.

Link your aadhaar card UID to your pan card /pan number is now mandatory in india. This order or statement is given by Government of india. And Gov india decided and gave deadline of 1st July 2017 but now you can still link your Aadhaar with you PAN (Permanent Account Number).

You can not file income tax return without linking your aadhaar to pan. So you must link your aadhaar card to your pan card.

How to link your aadhaar card to PAN (Permanent account number).

  1. open the url
  2. Enter your PAN and aadhaar details as following instructions.
  3. PAN Enter you pan number here.
    Aadhaar number * Enter your aadhaar number in this field.
    Name as per Aadhaar Enter name same as on aadhaar card.
    I have only year of birth in aadhaar card. Check this box if only birth Year printed on card
    Captcha code Enter Captcha image code in this field.
  4. After filling all the required PAN and Aaadhaar details, Now you can click on submit button [Link Aadhaar] button.

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