Is this E- aadhaar card is valid?

E-aadhaar card service is provided by government of India and UIDAI office. This is a confusion of many people that e-aadhaar card, which they directly downloads from internet, is valid or not valid. Means like in train of any where we can show and we should not face a problem that this is not valid.


So we wanted to make you satisfied that e-aadhaar card is 100% valid. This has been made just because in case of  aadhar card has been lost or you just left your aadhar card at home and this is very necessary of aadhar card to be shown to someone.
Then you can directly download from this portal. You can download and take a printout of this , this will be same as your original aadhar card. Any where you can give this as a ID Proof.

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