How to secure your aadhaar details/ UIDAI enrollment details

There are many website or blog available for aadhaar card which offers download/update/PVC aadhaar card, and we don’t know which website is authorized or  not. So today we discuss on the topic how to secure your aadhaar details and preventing your UIDAI enrollment details by stealing.

  1. First of all the main aadhaar UIDAI website is and
  2. Don’t enter your aadhaar details in any private website/unauthorized website, trust on Government website which end with
  3. Always download your aadhaar card from
  4. if you want to update your aadhaar card, always use legal and authorized government website
  5. Your aadhaar details is so sensitive and make it always confidential.
  6. Don’t share your aadhaar UIDAI or Enrollment details to anywhere/anyone.


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