How to Book an Appointment for Aadhar card online ?

This is the latest facility is providing by UIDAI  that you can take an  online appointment for the aadhar card . Then when your number will come you will get your notification for this and then you have to go for all the data submission.  This is give you one token ID for this and that will refer you at the centre. You will ask for show your token ID.


This service is still in progress so not fully started at all the location. So please first check that this service is started at your location or not . After selecting the proper area you can go for your appointment.

Do these steps to take appointment :

  • First click on this page to go that page and you have to fill that form.
  • Then  enter all details in order to book an appointment. Here , first enter the name of your name , mobile number , email and number of person. It means that why not you two people are taking an appointment is you are going together then only one person can take the appointment .
  • Select Enrolment Centre : You have to select eh enrolment centre which is near to you state , district , city, village and related enrolment centre.
  • Select Date and Time for Appointment: Select the date and time for your appointment . Please do not select the Sunday and do not apply on any holiday.
  • After submitting this form you will get a token ID for this appointment.


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