Check aadhar complain status

Aadhaar card’s official website provides a facility where every aadhaar user can submit the complaint, if you don’t know how to complaint to aadhaar then simply click here to read it.

But if  you have been submitted the complaint to Aadhaar official website and now you want to check Aadhaar complain status then don’t worry about it. Aadhaar official website provides this service where everybody who submitted complaint can check status of their complaint.

So let’s start it, read this guide carefully about How to check Aadhaar complain status online

How to Check Aadhaar Complain Status

Step #1: First of all click here to open this complain checking status on Aadhaar official website then you’ll see a web page that will look like below screenshot.


Step #2: Fill Case ID that you got during complain time, enter displayed security code and then click on Check Status.


After clicking on Check Status, you will get your aadhaar complain status, so these were simply steps for knowing the status of aadhaar complain.

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