Download Aadhaar card online ( 2017) / know aadhaar card status / aadhaar UID verification

Aadhar- Mera aadhar meri pehchan

Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI)  is the One Identity provided by the Government of India to every person who is living in India and as the same for the NRI too . The purpose of  Aadhaar card UIDAI is to providing unique Identification to all the Indian people and NRI.


What is aadhaar number ?
=>It is a 12  digit unique identification number allotted by the UIDAI Indian government to all aadhaar card holders. In this your finger print and eyes retina will scan in a bar code for the uniquely identification.

What is Enrollment Number ?
=> It is a 14 digit number, which generated when a person enrollment in aadhaar in UIDAI system.

What is EID ?
It’s full form is Enrollment ID
Enrollment ID is a 28 digit numeric number. the format of EID is as following.
EID No : 1234/12345/12345 YYYYMMDD HH:MM:SS
example : 1234/12345/12345 2017/01/01 10:10:10

  • EA Code – 4 digit
  • Station Code – 5 digit
  • Sequence – 5 digit
  • YYYYMMDD – 8 digit
  • HH:MM:SS – 6 digit




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